Do you love Jeepneys?

The jeepney is commonly jeep, back from the days of the Second World War. The US troops liberated the Philippines and left a lot of materials, of which a lot of army-jeeps. 

These were then put to good use as the jeeps were transformed gradualy over time as jeepneys we now know today.


One of the typical dances in the Philippines is the Tiniklin. They use bamboo sticks to make impressive dancemoves derived from the Tiniklin birds when mating season begins. The clapping and dancing makes a nice and elegant way of seducing new love. This is a traditional form known as one of the most beautifull variants of the Philippines.

Jacob van Campen

Jacob van Campen was one of the famous architects and artists of his time ( see post of Golden age of Holland). 

He created Catshuis in The Hague, palace at Damsquare in Amsterdam and the Nieuwe kerk in Haarlem. He also restaurated an old peoples home into an orphanes home ( now Franshals museum)  in Haarlem. 

He used to live in Haarlem, then moved to Amsterdam ( Kalverstraat). After a dispute he moved to a residence in Amersfoort, where he found his restingplace.

Top 10 Philippine Tourist Destinations

-Top 10 Philippine Tourist Destinations. The Philippines offers you many sightseeing tours on its many islands. For this reason The Philippines is called the Pearl of Asia.

1. Cebu (1.615 million people)
Korean tourists became the top market for the Queen City of the South, comprising 29% of total foreign tourists. Chinese tourists increased by 70% as more charter flights were booked between Cebu and Shanghai, as well as from Guangzhou.

2. Camarines Sur (1.566 million people)
Better known as CamSur, the province had a dramatic 117.2 % increase in tourists, welcoming an estimated 1.5 million visitors last year. In 2008, more than 720,000 went wakeboarding at the CamSur Watersports Complex. Events like the First Aqua Fest Celebrity Challenge, Ironman 70.3 Triathlon, International Dragon Boat Competition and Bagasbas Summer Surf gave travelers excellent reasons to visit this tourist spot in the Bicol region.

The Manila Zoo

The Manila Zoo is an appealing oasis in the middle of the city with a diverse collection of animals, although the place is a bit rough around the edges these days.

One of Manila best educational in the traffic jungle of Metro Manila will soon be rehabilitated. Thanks to new Manila City Mayor Joseph Estrada who announced in a news that there are ongoing talks for a public-private partnership program with investors from Singapore who would spend P2 billion for the project. Plus there will be two more elephants from Sri Lankan government to accompany Maali, the only elephant in our country. Two is a company but three will be more fun for these big lovable animals.

National Museum of the Philippines

National Museum of The Philippines (Pambansang Museo Ng Pilipinas)-
State museum founded in 1910, containing extensive botanical, geological, zoological, archaeological, historical, ethnological and art collections. The museum has branches throughout the country, and is also responsible for the operation of the Planetarium at the Rizal Park in Manila.

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