After purchasing your tickets you enter their main building. Our first encounter was entering the massive ocean edge cage of the parks captive kites. They were pearched about looking very important and we were instantly impressed. The guides asked if we wanted to feed them. This involved donning a glove. But the birds do not sit on your arm, they dive from heights to grab the food places upon it. It is so quick blinking would miss it.

Now is a good place to note that there are photographers dotted throughout the park, waiting to take shots of you holding parrots and sitting my stingray. If glossy prints are your idea of a keepsake they can be between PHP100-250 each.
After quickly declining the offer to feed a kite myself we moved on to the Oceanarium. There are three main rooms where you and see small fish, sea horses, sharks, sting ray and other South East Asian peculiarities (with the odd giant Amazonian wonder looking slightly out of place). It is a one way in,on way out, single entry only system so make sure you get your visual fill before moving on.

After the Oceanarium you are forced upstairs where you get an average view of the Manila Bay. The second level is where they hide the shark and stingray diving alongside the Antarctic exhibit. All of these are additional. You can get packages including the penguins, however we purchased our entry for PHP200 each from a snack store at the mouth of the exhibit. If you skip this one you proceed swiftly to the gift shop. I have to say, unless you have never seen ice, you should probably skip the winter zone as there are some sad looking penguins in there. If you do go in there is one way out through a tired looking freezer that is perpetually playing Christmas tunes.

We wound our way, a little, lost to the Jellies. Turns out that to reach the exit you have to walk through the restaurant (specialising in Fish!). The jellyfish exhibit is chessily magical. Mirrors and strategic lighting make things seem deeper and the orchestral music made everyone literally waltz through to the chaos as the other end.

Kids could spend all day here. There appear to be more food outlets, shops, games and activities than there are fish. Leaving the complex you are forced through a minimall! What kind of aquarium has a mall? This one, apparently.

After an hour and a half we had seen everything inside and it was time to head out to the Sea Lion show. The Park has regular sea lion and bird shows throughout the day. I thoroughly recommend the Sea Kion show. It was short and perfectly executed.

 Ultimate result – Manila Ocean Park is worth the trip, if you are looking for something to do in Manila.

My last insider tip… walk out to find a taxi and do NOT settle for anything less than meter rate!