Ten Quick Tips for Philippines Travelers

PHILIPPINES TRAVEL - Before you rush out that door to enjoy your vacation in the Philippines, I have ten quick tips you should know. The Philippines is a great place to vacation, but plan poorly and your dream can quickly turn into a nightmare. Preparation is the key to any successful vacation.

Ten Quick Tips:
1. The temperature of the Philippines stays warm year-round. The range is from 78F to 90F. 
2. If you have any questions about your visit, contact the Department of Tourism.

3. While the Philippines is one country, there are many regionseach with its own culture. Each culture has its own spin on food.
4. Don't be a miser. When services are provided, don't forget to tip. 10% is a common tip amount.
5. The Philippines' monetary unsit is the peso (PhP). Get some of these and travel around with them. It makes dealing with local commerce much easier.
6. As mentioned in point #3, the country has different regions. There are 16 of them to be exact. Take the time to know the difference and you might find locals warming up to you.
7. If you want to see traditional festivals, celebrations and events then you need to go during the summer. This is the best time to see these attractions.
8. There are many ways to get around the Philippines including jeepneys, tricycles, pedicabs, and air-conditioned taxis. Explore and enjoy yourself.
9. Get to know some common Tagalog phrases. Many in the Philippines speak English, but they light up when someone is trying to speak their language.
10. Have fun, be nice and take lots of pictures. Don't be shy about mixing with the locals. You might find some hidden gems that way.

 There you have it; 10 great tips for traveling to the Philippines. All that's left is for you to go and enjoy yourself.

Source: articlesbase.com