The Manila Zoo

The Manila Zoo is an appealing oasis in the middle of the city with a diverse collection of animals, although the place is a bit rough around the edges these days.

One of Manila best educational in the traffic jungle of Metro Manila will soon be rehabilitated. Thanks to new Manila City Mayor Joseph Estrada who announced in a news that there are ongoing talks for a public-private partnership program with investors from Singapore who would spend P2 billion for the project. Plus there will be two more elephants from Sri Lankan government to accompany Maali, the only elephant in our country. Two is a company but three will be more fun for these big lovable animals.

Maali is one of the best animal attractions of Manila Zoo. She interacts and have fun with people. If you plan to go there, visit the Facebook of John Chua and befriend with him first. Chua, our country’s foremost advertising photographer, is a volunteer private caretaker of Maali for 12 years. They are buddy-buddy – Maali trusts Chua as if he is her father. He goes frequently to Manila Zoo, and if you happen to be there, he might give you the chance to be near with Maali, touch and feed her, and have your pictures with Maali by Chua himself.

Located at Quirino Avenue corner Adriatico, Malate, Manila Zoo’s entrance fee is only P40 for adults and P20 for children. Aside from being an educational trip for all ages, family goes there for picnic and some celebrate special occasion. There are also boating around a small lake and petting of farm animals.

I hope Zamboanga City will have a zoo too for tourist attraction and as educational field site for school children and adults alike. Presently, what we have is a bird sanctuary (that seems to be neglected) and a butterfly garden (with few butterflies species) in Pasonanca. These two animal sites need management improvement to make it more exciting to visit it.

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